Trans-Americas in the News

The following related news articles, books, and suggested readings are available for you to down load in adobe acrobat .pdf file format or find on your own. We encourage prospective buyers, sellers, and members of the media to read through some of the below articles prior to contacting us. Please feel free to browse our library and contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Wringing out Logistics Costs” (cover story), American Shipper: International Logistics, September 2005. Overview of our business and industry, bio on Company and President.
  2. The Ethicist”, New York Times Sunday Magazine, June 10, 2007. Quote from Eric Stubin.
  3. Recycling Facility of the Month: Trans-Americas Leads the way into Municipal Textile Recycling”, Waste Age, August 1998. A profile of Trans-Americas’ textile MRF, a profile of municipal textile programs, and history on Trans-Americas.
  4. Flyer for The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, March 2005, Pietra Rivoli, Ph.D. ISBN 0-471-64849-3. 3 Chapters detailing Secondhand Clothing and our company. A must read for anyone attempting to learn about the industry.
  5. Used U.S. Clothes a Best Seller in Africa”, New York Times, February 1987. An overview of Trans-Americas’ business in Africa, and description of the African Market.
  6. Riches to Rags, Surprising new life awaits some castoff clothes”, Associated Press, June 18, 1997. A description and overview of Trans-Americas.
  7. Textile Recycling Fact Sheet", Council for Textile Recycling, 1997 updated. Facts and Statistics as supplied from the Council for Textile Recycling, a non-profit group dedicated to creating awareness about textile recycling.
  8. More Municipalities Incorporating Textiles into Recycling Programs”, Waste Age’s Recycling Times. April 13, 1998. A profile of municipalities currently running successful Textile Recycling Programs. Recycling Revenues increase up to 7-10%.
  9. The market is willing: post-consumer textiles”, Resource Recycling, February 1992. An overview of the market and methodologies for textile recycling.
  10. Rags = Riches: Textile market stable”, Waste News, March 4, 2002. Letter from Eric Stubin.
Related articles and books:

“How Susie Bayer’s T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama’s Back,” New York Times Sunday Magazine, March 31, 2002. George Packer. A story of the how exported secondhand clothing is distributed across the world and the author’s perspective on the trade.

Salaula: The World of Secondhand Clothing and Zambia. Karen Tranberg Hansen, 2000. ISBN: 0-226-31581-9. A detailed, objective look at all facets of the industry. A must read for anyone attempting to learn about the industry.

“Rags to Riches. U.S. castoffs clothe world,” Baltimore Sun, September 28, 1997. An in-depth overview of the used clothing industry. Contains a detailed account of the dynamics facing our industry.

“Exporters turn rags to riches,” The Journal of Commerce, January 21, 1998. A description and overview of Trans-Americas and general industry figures and information.

“Far from shoddy growth in used clothing exports,” Financial Times, December 30, 1996. Facts and figures regarding world growth of used clothing as an export.

“Textile Recycling 101,” Scrap Processing and Recycling, May/June 1995. An overview of Textile Recycling.