Trans-Americas mutilates wool bodies and nylon sweater for export and recycling. Wool bodies are recycled back into wool yarns. If you require mutilated textile material please contact us.

Trans-Americas processes over 35 tons daily and consistently generates quality loads for fiber converters. If you are a fiber converter please contact us.

FYI: Material suitable for recycling is sold to fiber converters and then recycled into fiber. Many products made from recycled fiber are used in the automotive industry, such as sound proofing for auto engines and carpet padding. Today, recycled fiber is being used in non-traditional ways – even as material for curb stops.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

Material for Fiber Conversion
  • Shoddy
  • Cut Wool Bodies
  • Cut Nylon Sweaters
  • Fancy Nylon Sweaters
  • Wool Sweater Rag