Wiping Rags

wiping-rags-bundled50% of the original used clothing we process is recycled into wiping rags or material classified for recycling into fiber. Trans-Americas produces a dozen grades of wipers. We load up to 52,000 lb of wiping rags delivered anywhere in the world or 44,000 lb for domestic clients. Utilizing high density balers we can cut your freight cost significantly.

Wiping Rags List

  • Colored Polo Cotton Wiper
  • White Polo ‘ganzee’ Wiper
  • Sweatshirt Colored Wiper
  • White Sweatshirt Colored Wiper
  • Color #1 Wiper
  • Color #3 Wiper
  • Cord Wiper
  • Denim Pants Cut Wiper
  • Flannel Wiper
  • Medium Wiper
  • Terry Stretch Wiper
  • Cotton Terry Wiper
  • White Woven Wiper