In business since 1942, Trans-Americas is North America's most experienced processor of secondhand/used clothing, vintage clothing, wiping rags, and materials for fiber recycling. The corporation is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey where 85 employees sort over 16.8 million lb/7.6 million kg annually in our 65,000 sq ft/6000 sq m facility.

Located less than 20 minutes from New York City our customers benefit from our extensive used clothing collections in the world's most fashion-forward city and surrounding area. As an innovator and industry leader we operate one of the trade's most automated and efficient processing systems and have earned a reputation for the industry's highest quality graded clothing.

The Trans-Americas Group is comprised of: Kent Trans-Americas Clothing Corp, Trans-Americas Trading Co., Trans-Americas FSC., and Trans-Americas Textile Recycling Co. All are involved in the purchasing, recycling, processing and sale of post-consumer textile waste and secondhand clothing.

Export Buyers of Used Clothing

Trans-Americas FSC produces and sells quality grades of secondhand used clothing to markets worldwide. Review our list of Secondhand Clothing for Export, and Tour our Facility. If this is your first time inquiring about used clothing, visit our page for First Time Export Buyers. Retail, thrift, and export buyers interested in our finest quality graded clothing visit our Crème and Premium department.

Vintage / Fashion / Theatrical

Catering to boutiques, vintage, retro stores and the film industry in the U.S. and abroad, Trans-Americas is the premier wholesale supplier of vintage clothing in the world today. We devote over 10,000 sq. ft to vintage and fashion clothing and our experienced staff pre-sorts hundreds of vintage items, thereby saving our clients time, and money. Visit our Vintage Department online to see samples of the vintage clothing and styles we sort for our buyers everyday.

Sellers of Mixed or Credential Rags / Fundraising for Charities

Trans-Americas is one of the largest buyers of charitable mixed rags in the U.S today. Whether you are an established charity, nonprofit, or an organization which is just getting started, Trans-Americas can provide a long term stable market for your rags. If your group is interested in selling your rags to an established end user, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Recycling Coordinators and Solid Waste Officials

Up to 5% of municipal solid waste is comprised of textiles and clothing. We designs turnkey, no-cost recycling programs that will increase your per ton recycling revenues while lowering your costs. To see why textile recycling makes sense visit Municipal Recycling programs, and read related articles in Trans-Americas in the News.

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