Secondhand Clothing Export List

Children's Items

  • Lt. Children's Clothing (0-7 yr.)
  • Lt. Children's Clothing #2
  • Heavy Children's Clothing

  • Medium Children's Clothing
  • Girls Dresses

  • Boys Pants
  • Boys Denim Pants
  • Boys Cotton Shirts
  • Boys Flannel Shirts

  • Children's Polo (short sleeve/long sleeve)
  • Children's Mixed Sweatshirts & Sweat Pants
  • Children's Sweaters

Men's/Unisex Items

  • Mens Cotton/Rayon Pants
  • Mens Poly/Tergel Pants
  • Mens Cord Pants
  • Mens Wool Pants

  • Adult Jeans

  • Mens Cotton Shirts (long sleeve & short sleeve)
  • Mens Poly/Nylon Shirts
  • Mens Flannel Shirts
  • Mens Denim Shirts

  • Mens Tropical Jackets
  • Mens Tweed Jackets

  • Mens Underwear
  • Mens Heavy Underwear

  • Original Shorts & Swimsuits
  • Denim Cut Shorts

  • Cotton Polo T-shirts
  • Synthetic Polo
  • Turtle Neck Polo
  • Long Sleeve Polo

  • Wool Sweaters
  • Nylon/Synthetic Sweaters
  • Childrens Sweaters
  • Mixed Wool Caps & Scarves

  • Mixed Jogging
  • Jogging Sweatshirts
  • Jogging Sweatpants












Secondhand Clothing for Export

Trans-Americas FSC produces high quality grades of secondhand clothing that are sold worldwide. Eighty five employees sort 70,000 lb/31,800 kg of used clothing daily into 300 different grades of secondhand clothing. All of our exports are processed in our facility using one of the industry's most sophisticated material handling systems. Our advanced mechanization enables us to produce high-quality grades on a consistent basis.

No finished goods are purchased from outside vendors. Trans-Americas guarantees all of its clothing. You may Tour our Facility online, and you are welcome to visit our plant in Clifton, NJ by appointment.

If you do not have experience buying secondhand clothing please review First Time Export Buyers.

Trans-Americas packs customized bales of secondhand clothing in virtually any size from 100 lb/45 kg, 180 lb /82kg to large 1000 lb/450 kg. We regularly load 540 bales (100 lb) per 40' HC container and 250 (100 lb) bales per 20' container.

Trans-Americas' quality secondhand clothing sells in markets worldwide; for three generations our used clothing bales have earned a reputation for value - the highest quality clothing sold at competitive prices.

Women's Items

  • Ladies Cotton Dresses
  • Ladies Poly Dresses
  • Ladies Denim Dresses
  • Ladies Silk Dresses
  • Ladies Polo Dresses
  • Ladies Party Dresses

  • Ladies Cotton Skirts
  • Ladies Poly Skirts
  • Ladies Polo Knit Skirts
  • Ladies Wool Skirts
  • Ladies Denim Skirts

  • Ladies Cotton Pants
  • Ladies Poly Pants
  • Ladies Wool Pants
  • Ladies Cotton Stretch Pants

  • Ladies Cotton Blouses
  • Ladies Poly Blouses
  • Ladies Silk Blouses

  • Nylon/Silk Rummage
  • Bras/Gowns/Scarves

  • Womens Bathing Suits

  • Womens Blazers


  • Mens Raincoats
  • Ladies Raincoats

  • Adult Mixed Coats

  • Mens Zipper Jackets

  • Winter Ski Jackets/Vests
  • Winter Ski Pants

  • Denim Jackets


  • Household Rummage
  • Bed sheets/Pillow Cases
  • Bedspreads
  • Blankets
  • Caps
  • Socks
  • Paired Shoes and Sneakers
  • Ladies High Heels & Fashion Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Robes
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Flags

Premium Mix*

  • Premium/Crème - Light & Heavy
  • Premium/Crème Nylon/Synthetic mix

*Premium mixes comprise 3-4% of what is processed daily. This clothing is in perfect, near new condition. It is graded and examined 2-3 times before baled. Processing 30 tons a day we are able to accumulate large volumes of this highest quality.

"A Commitment to Quality, Integrity
and Customer Satisfaction Since 1942"

Trans Americas Trading Company
50 Carol Street
Clifton, New Jersey 07014
Phone: (973) 778-4611
Fax: (973) 778-4622

Please browse our site, call, fax or email us
so we may assist you or answer any questions.



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